Hail Damage? Oh Hail No!

In response to the high volume of recent hail damage, some of the processes to submit an MPI hail claim have changed. The Gauthier Collision Centre has developed a 3-step process to get your hail damage problems smoothed over.

Read more about this hail damage repair process on the Gauthier Collision Hail Damage Repair page.

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Gauthier Buick GMC YouTube Channel now live!

We are pleased to announce that Gauthier Buick GMC has launched a new YouTube channel. Find us at:


This Channel features current content on the latest Buick and GMC vehicles, samples from our selection of pre-owned models and more stories from around the dealership. Like, share and subscribe today!

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New! Shop GM Accessories

At Gauthier Buick GMC, we understand the importance of personalizing your vehicle to suit your lifestyle and unique preferences. That's why we are excited to offer an extensive range of GM accessories that will not only elevate the aesthetics of your vehicle but also boost its performance and functionality.

With our user-friendly interface, browsing through our wide selection of GM accessories has never been easier. Whether you're looking to add some extra flair, upgrade your technology, or enhance your vehicle's capabilities, our Shop GM Accessories page has got you covered. Discover the perfect accessories that reflect your personality and make your vehicle truly one-of-a-kind. Visit the page today and let us help you transform your driving dreams into reality!

Visit: gauthierbuickgmc.com/gm-accessories/


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Driven Winnipeg 2023

On July 16th the Canadian Car Show Tour, Driven, came to Winnipeg. Gauthier Cadillac Buick GMC joined forces with Black Label Builds to impress auto enthusiasts for the third straight year.

"DRIVEN Winnipeg was a huge success. Thank you to all our amazing friends and clients who came out to support us. I also want to thank everyone who took the time to chat with Justin and myself. It was a pleasure to get to know all of you and we hope to do business together in the future"

Brock Dennison

Team Leader at Black Label Builds

What is Black Label Builds?

Visit: https://www.gauthierbuickgmc.com/black-label-builds/

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The All-New 2023 GMC Hummer EV has Arrived!

Gauthier Buick GMC is pleased to announce we have received our first GMC Hummer EV in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This all-electric super truck has 1000 Horse Power and can go 0-60 in just 3 seconds.

It has up to 11,500 LB-FT of torque and can travel up to 571 Kilometers on a full charge.

Unique features of the GMC Hummer include; Crab Walk Capability, Supercruise, Multipro Tailgate, Power E-trunk, and more!


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Gauthier Buick GMC would like to extend our congratulations to our Commercial Sales Manager James Rempel.

Rempel earned his 5th Gold Sales Marketing Guild award.

This Award recognizes a full year of distinctive achievement of the highest standards in automotive sales.

James specializes in saving his customers time and money.

Well done James!

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Gauthier Buick GMC would like to congratulate our Sales Consultant Michael Findlay.

Findlay earned a Silver Sales Marketing Guild award.

This Award recognizes a full year of distinctive achievement of the second-highest standards in automotive sales.

Findlay has been with us since we opened Gauthier Pontiac Buick GMC in 2001.

With 20+ years of experience, he is a valuable team member.

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Gauthier Buick GMC would like to extend our congratulations to our Sales Consultant Mandy Bell.

Mandy earned her first Gold Sales Marketing Guild award.

This Award recognizes a full year of distinctive achievement of the highest standards in automotive sales.

Bell has shown she is willing to go above and beyond for her customers.

Well done Mandy!








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Everyone here at Gauthier Buick GMC would like to extend our congratulations to our Sales Consultant Brock Dennison.
Brock has received GM's Western Region Top 10 Award. He placed #8 in sales in Western Canada.

Brock wrote: "I want to thank the amazing team at Gauthier for helping me get to where I am today.
I could not have done it without the help from Steve Hrycyshyn , Shaylan Okapiec and Jason Cross. Thank you again gentlemen.
I also want to acknowledge the love of my life @stephaniedacosta__
For always supporting me, without you this accomplishment would not be possible.
2023 Top 3 here we come!"
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In the market for a stylish midsize SUV to get you through the coming winter? Gauthier Buick GMC offers both the 2022 GMC Terrain and the 2022 Buick Envision. Both of these models offer:
  • seating for 5
  • All Wheel Drive at all trim levels
  • 2.99% financing for up to 60 months until November 30, 2022


While both vehicles are impressive in terms of interior cabin size, the 2022 GMC Terrain offers slightly more passenger space. When carrying your gear, the Terrain offers 20% more cargo space (behind the 1st row). Its fuel-efficient 1.5 litre turbo engine delivers 170 horsepower and 203 foot pounds of torque.
Standard safety features on the 2022 GMC Terrain are included within the GMC Pro Safety package. These features include Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert and more. The Terrain is available in three trim levels – the SLE or SLT, AT4 and Denali. Each package offers a distinct collection of features and upgrades. Other optional packages can be added to any trim level – as well as genuine GMC accessories – to make the Terrain your own.


The 2022 Buick Envision offers a more refined style. Its sleek exterior was recently redesigned. In the interior, the controls are placed at an angle that puts the driver in control of the cabin experience. Its larger 2.0 litre engine offers greater horsepower and torque.
The 2022 Buick Envision also comes standard with a host of safety and comfort features. A suite of safety features come with the Buick Driver Confidence Package, including Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision alert, Following Distance Indicator and more. The Comfort and Convenience package includes a 10.2” Infotainment screen, remote start and power liftgate. The 2022 Envision also comes with a 4-year, 80,000 km warranty.


Contact Gauthier Buick GMC to ask about our selection of SUVs with all wheel drive and room for five!

Summary of Specifications

Feature2022 Buick Envision2022 GMC Terrain
Seating Capacity55
Rows of Seating22
Front Head Room1006 mm1016 mm
Front Leg Room1026 mm1039 mm
Front Shoulder Rooom1440 mm1453 mm
2nd Row Head Room988 mm879 mm
2nd Row Leg Room998 mm1008 mm
2nd Row Shoulder Room1420 mm1412 mm
Overall Length4636 mm4630 mm
Width1882 mm1839 mm
Cargo Capacity (behind 2nd Row)714 litres838 litres
Cargo Capacity (behind 1st row)1492 litres1793 litres
Engine2.0 L Turbo 4-cylinder1.5 L Turbo 4-cylinder
Horsepower228 HP170 HP
Torque258 foot pounds203 foot pounds
Transmission9-Speed Automatic9-Speed Automatic
Gas Mileage10.5/8.2 litres/100 km city/hwy9.6/8.3 litres/100 km city/hwy
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When you think of battery problems, you probably think about a dead car battery on a cold winter’s morning. However, summer’s heat – such as what’s projected for the coming weekend - can be more damaging to your car’s battery than the snow and cold of winter.

During the heat of the summer months, high temperatures can evaporate your battery's vital liquids and weaken its charge. Additionally, hot temperatures can speed up the corrosion process. Corrosion will irreversibly damage the internal structure of the battery, and it’s even worse when your battery is down on fluids.

There are a few things you can do on your own to help your battery keep its cool:

Keep it clean
Keep dirt and debris from the top of the battery. Grease and dirt buildup can drain your battery’s power. Routinely examine the battery for dirt and immediately remove any buildup.

Secure it
Make sure the battery is securely mounted in place and that the cables are on tight. If your battery isn’t installed correctly, you’ll see diminished performance.

Watch for corrosion
As temperatures get higher outside, they also increase within your engine. This increased heat can cause corrosion inside your battery which can result in inhibited current flow. Inspect your battery on a regular basis for signs of corrosion. Clean any corrosion with a copper brush or a scouring pad.

Look for damage
Examine the battery for signs of leaks, cracks or bulges. If you notice any of these issues, it is time to replace your battery before it leaves you stranded.

Change Your Battery
If your battery is more than three years old, consider changing it. As your battery ages, the chances for failure increases with every passing year. To find out the age of your battery, look for four- or five-digit code. At the beginning of the code is a letter and number. The letter indicates the month – A is for January, B is for February and so on – while the number is for the year – for example, 9 is for 2009 and 1 is for 2011.

Our GM Certified Service Centre offers a battery test service. Our certified technicians will perform a load test and undertake a visual inspection of the battery and its case.

To schedule a battery test, click here

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All About Black Label Builds

Having years of custom car building experience, it only made sense to create a business that combined my passion of designing and building my own cars, trucks and SUVs. After having to follow other people’s guidelines when it came to custom builds, I felt I could bring my own style and skill set to the table. It was time to take my show on the road and create my own brand, process, pricing and add a more modern approach to financing one’s very own Black Label Build.

One evening - while sitting back with a premium brand beverage - I was racking my brain, challenging my imagination on what I should call this new business venture of mine, I took a sip of my drink, and in that moment, it came to me. Black Label. Like some of the finer things in life, Black Label is a symbol for a higher prestige of product. We create the highest level of custom vehicles at a dealership level. We offer clients the opportunity to work with our in-store professional to design your very own custom build. This can be included into your financing package at competitive pricing rates.

In the summer of 2020, I exclusively partnered with Gauthier Cadillac Buick GMC, with no looking back. These last two years have been filled with growth, incredible builds, and I’ve worked with amazing clientele. I can’t wait to see what the very bright future holds for BLACK LABEL. Learn more at www.gauthierbuickgmc.com/black-label-builds.htm

Black Label Builds Founder
Brock 'B' Dennison

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We are thrilled to announce that Gauthier Buick GMC has received the 2021 President’s Club Award from GM Canada.

Each year this honour is awarded to 50 GM Dealerships across Canada. The award is based on a combination of factors including sales volume, service performance and customer satisfaction results. This marks the third time we have won this award, having previously won it in 2016 and 2017.

We would like to express our thanks to all of our staff. Our hard working employees are what make reognition like this possible. Though their commitment to providing the best in customer service, our dealership has been recognized as one among the best in the country. Thanks to all of our staff, in all departments, whose hard work has made this award possible.

Join Gauthier Buick GMC as we celebrate this achievement.

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Gauthier Buick GMC is pleased to announce the arrival of Steve Dennis. Steve will be joining us in a newly-created role of Vice-President of Inventory Acquisition and Exporting.

Steve’s storied career in the automotive industry spanned over 30 years. Starting out with Ford as a Zone Service Manager in the early 1980s, he moved to the dealership side where he served as a Sales Manager, General Manager and Dealer Principal at locations across Manitoba. He also gave back to the industry by serving as President of the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association. Steve formally retired in 2016, but has been recruited to join us on a part-time basis.

In Steve’s new role, he will be reaching out beyond regular acquisition channels to secure inventory for our pre-owned vehicle lot. Despite the challenges of today’s used car market, we are confident that Steve’s industry experience will result in a pre-owned lot that is second to none.

We are very excited to welcome Steve to the Gauthier Buick GMC team.

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Gauthier Cadillac Buick GMC is pleased to announce that it has received the 2021 autoTRADER.ca Best Priced Dealer Award. This marks the second consecutive year that we have won this prestigious award.
The autoTRADER.ca Best Priced Dealer Award shines a spotlight on Canada's top dealerships for their commitment to consistently offering fair pricing and great value for Canadian car shoppers. Winners are determined by using autoTRADER's real-time pricing data to identify dealers with the highest percentage of “Good” or “Great” price badges on their vehicle inventory. The top dealerships by province and region are selected to receive the award.

We are proud to be recognized among Canada's leading dealerships for pre-owned vehicles. To see our current selection please visit the Pre-Owned section of our site.

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